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Privacy Policy

moegi (following "we") Co., Ltd. deals with personal information (following "book personal information") to have you provide it than all of you according to the following policies as follows.

The observance of laws and ordinances We observe a law about the protection of the personal information and this privacy policy about the acquisition of this personal information, the use or other handling. In addition, the different fate concerned shall be applied with precedence when there is the fate that is different from this privacy policy in in a website of the individual treatment to have you offer this personal information or news to show individually when I have you provide it. Privacy policy I promote protection of the personal information by our establishing a privacy policy as follows, and building structure of the personal information protection, and enforcing recognition and an action of the importance of the personal information protection on all employees. Management of the personal information I take the necessary measures such as thorough maintenance, employee education of maintenance, the regime of the security system that we keep the personal information of the visitor the correct and latest state and prevent unjust access, loss, damage, manipulation, leak to personal information and I carry out safety measures and perform severe management of the personal information. How your personal information is used On our website, there is a case to have you register the personal information such as the name, e-mail address, the phone number at the time of the inquiry from a visitor, but does not use these personal information other than the purpose when I have you provide it.
I use the personal information that I took from a visitor for the sending of an E-mail and the document as an answer to guidance of communication and the duties from us and question. Prohibition of disclosure, the offer to a third party of the personal information We do not disclose personal information to a third party unless they manage the personal information that I took than a visitor appropriately and correspond to any of the following.
・When it is necessary for the legal obligation accomplishment that companies should obey
・When, according to inquiry content, I judge that it is suitable to cope in us in us
・When I receive requests from the engine or other groups, individuals who followed court, Public Prosecutor's Office, police, bar association, consumers center or these
・When it is admitted with need for protection of the life property of the third party except us, the person who had you offer this personal information or the person or the honor trust, and there is a fair reason
・When an individual uses it by the method that is not identified
・In addition, when the disclosure to a third party or an offer is permitted by laws and ordinances
The handling such as the cookie (Cookie) information We may use cookies, analytics (Google Analytics) and other similar technologies on our website and our developed smartphone apps, as described below.
In either case, the new personal information is not included in collected information, but I connect it with this personal information having you already provide it and may use it.
・The cookie is a technique to save the information such as the use histories of the website to the computer of the visitor. The cookie which was stored when a visitor visited our website is used for intelligence to have you use our website and service more usefully and the effective advertisement delivery through the third party delivery company mainly. The visitor can choose setting "not to receive a cookie" "to delete the stored cookie" by the function of the browser of the use. But limitation may produce it for a part function in a website and the service that we or a third party provides when I choose setting to invalidate a case and the function of the cookie that deleted the stored cookie.
Our third party partners are: In addition, you can see the privacy policy of each company from the following.
Google Analytics:
About the advertisement indication by the third party delivery company We consign advertisement delivery by various sites in the Internet and the smartphone application to the third party delivery company. I recognize cookie information when a visitor used our website and smartphone application, and such a third party delivery company may deliver our advertisement. The personal information of the visitor cannot be acquired in the third party delivery company by the use of the cookie by the third party delivery company which is our trust.

Safety measures of the personal information We take perfect measures against security for accurate and safe securing of personal information. Inquiry of the person When inquiry, a correction, deletion of the personal information of the person is hoped for, a visitor, please let it support after confirmation to be the person. Laws and ordinances, the observance and review of the model We observe Japanese laws and ordinances applied about personal information to hold it, other models and review content of this policy appropriately and act for the improvement. Contact Please inform it of the inquiry about the handling of our personal information at the following.
moegi Co., Ltd.
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(New office from March 10, 2020)
Lina Katayose (CEO)

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