CALINT Terms of Use | CALINT (カリント)

Chapter 1 basic rule

Article 1 (agreement)

This agreement is applied about the use of the service (called "this service" as follows.) that moegi (called "us" as follows.) Co., Ltd. provides between us and a user using the application.

Two services are application of a present position measurement, the record using a smartphone.

When the agreement according to three is prepared for, an individual agreement has priority over this agreement and is applied, and this agreement is applied to an individual agreement about the thing without fate.

Article 2 (definition)

In this agreement, I do the meaning of the term to raise in next 各号 with just what to set it of 当該各号.

(1) User

I say a corporation, a group, the association which concluded a contract (called "this use contract" as follows.) about the use of this service with us or an individual to this agreement after an agreement.
In addition, I say the person that use of this service application is admitted equally.

(2) Operative manager

I have administrator rights about the use of this service that a user appointed at the time of the application for this service and say the officer of a user setting user authority, the employee or other people concerned.

(3) The person who uses it

I say an operative manager and a user.

(4) This site

I say a website to run because we provide this service. This service is offered to a user and the user through this software to define in this site or next issue.

(5) This software

Because we provide this service, I say making, applications software to show and include an update version, a revision, a replacement and a duplicate.

(6) Registration information

I say the information about the user whom we where it is demanded from that I register on the premise that I use this service establish.

(7) User info

I do not acquire the user info in this service. However, I include information to acquire user info for this service downloading from the Apple stores or Google Play Stores.

(8) Paid service

I point to the service to a person using our application. I download it with the amount of money of mention by the application for iOS in Apple Store and provide service afterwards.

(9) Paid user

I say the user who chose the use of the paid service.

Article 3 (change of the agreement)

We can change the contents of this agreement without getting the prior consent of the user anytime.

When 2 we change the contents of this agreement and notify a user of the contents for change according to the fate of CALINT Terms of Use, when I use this service, I consider it to have agreed to this agreement after the change, and this agreement after the change is applied to (but I do the day when we issued a notice with a date when I do not appoint a date in a notice.) after a date appointed in a notice. When I do not take the procedure of the cancellation of a contract before the date when a user was appointed in a notice, it is considered to have agreed to this agreement after the change.

Article 4 (notice)

When there is a change in conjunction with this service, we list it in this site.

I shall perform the communication for us or the notice by our method to determine from the inquiry or other users about two services.

Completion of Chapter 2 contract

Article 5 (completion of this use contract (installation))

This use contract is considered to have agreed to this agreement when I install it in a terminal of the use, and a person in hope of the use of this service did "consent" in Terms of Use.

2 users can use this service from (called "a contract establishment day" as follows.) on the day when they consented.

Article 6 (charge and payment method)

The free user is available as an advertisement indication edition.

2 pay users pay the charge that we establish every individual service for value of the use of this service separately to us. The advertisement indication is gone on this occasion.

3 pay users shall be expected to pay charge in Apple Store. We do not accept repayment of the charge that they received under any circumstance.

Communication costs to be necessary to use four services (I include communication costs to occur for downloading of this software and the use.) And I shall prepare for the communications equipment by a burden and the responsibility of the user. But, in the communications equipment which the user uses, it is not a thing to guarantee that this site and this software work normally.

Instructions in the Chapter 3 service use

Article 7 (user ID)

Our application does not acquire user info.
However, I put it in the free copy and consign advertisement delivery by the smartphone application to the third party delivery company. I recognize cookie information when a user used our smartphone application, and such a third party delivery company may deliver our advertisement.

The downloading information of 2 users acquires only the registration information of Apple Store.

Article 8 (backup)

The user records it in responsibility of the self about all data which I recorded of the user info and I save it and manage it.

2 recommends the backup of data regularly.

Article 9 (prohibition act)

The user must not perform an act to set of next 各号 in conjunction with this service.

(1) The act that declare that is false for us

(2) Act to use information including this site provided based on this use contract by us and this software and labor for a purpose except the use of this service

(3) Property (I include intellectual property rights.) of us or the third party A right to affect privacy, honor, trust, a portrait or publicity, an act to infringe other rights, profit or the act that I might infringe

(4) An act to infringe a right, the profit of us or the third party other than a last issue or the act that I might infringe

(5) An act against in violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals or act with the fear

(6) It is use or an act to use book service posing as a third party act or other users acquiring it or a user in user ID such as the user ID of the third party or synchronization ID illegally

(7) Using the harmful programs such as computer viruses or an act to transmit a message or act with the fear

(8) The accomplishment of the duties by us such as access acts unjust other than a thing to fix for a last issue, the enforcement of this service or the act that we judge when they affect our communication facilities or there is a threat that

The Chapter 4 cancellation of a contract, cancellation, withdrawal

Article 10 (the cancellation of a contract of this service by the user)

The free copy user user can cancel this use contract by deleting this application from a use terminal.

The user for 2 pay pushes the setting window "management" in the application, and, please cancel monthly basis charging after cancellation.

When they cancel it, and a user deletes it based on 2 foregoing paragraphs, we do not refund the charge that they received anymore.

The stop of the Chapter 5 service, a change and the end

Article 11 (stop of the service)

We can stop some or all of this service without notifying a user beforehand when either reason of next 各号 occurs.

(1) When a disorder occurs or maintenance, maintenance or construction is necessary for a necessary system, facilities on this service offer

(2) When telecommunications company cancels the offer of the telecommunications service, and, due to the act of the third party except us, it becomes difficult to offer this service

(3) When the offer of this service becomes difficult by the outbreak of the state of emergency (natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, turmoil, disposal of 官, labor dispute) or when it may become difficult

(4) When I can synchronize and, by the circumstances of the service, can synchronize, and service is not available

(5) When, by laws and ordinances regulation, an administrative order, the offer of this service becomes difficult

(6) In addition, when I judge that we do not get necessary やむを by the reason that cannot come to our torture

2 we do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred to a user and the third party by having stopped this service based on a foregoing paragraph and a disadvantage.

Article 12 (change of the service)

I add some contents of this service by our discretion or can change us. We are not things guaranteeing that all functions, performance of this service before the change is maintained by the addition of this service based on Honjo or a change.

I do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred in the user and a disadvantage by 2 we add this service based on a foregoing paragraph or having changed it.

When there is a stop, the change of the cooperated service (MAP function, GPS) of three services, I do not take responsibility for all about the damage that occurred in the user and a disadvantage.

Article 13 (the cancellation of the service and the end)

I cancel the some or all the offers of this service by our discretion or we can be finished after having notified a user beforehand. But I can carry these out when content of cancellation or the end is not serious without notifying you.

When the damage occurs in a user by 2 we cancel this service based on a foregoing paragraph or having been finished, I do not take all responsibility.

Offer of the Chapter 6 book software

Article 14 (licensing)

We consent to nonexclusive use of this software with the proviso that they obey this agreement for the user who downloaded this software on the occasion of the use of this service. The user shall let this chapter observe a matter to establish about use of this software to a user.

Article 15 (verboten about the software)

The user must not perform an act to set of next 各号 other than a matter to fix for Article 12 on using this software.

(1) Modify a reproduction of this software, translation, the adaptation

(2) Sale, distribution, re-permission to use this software, the public transmission (transmission possibility includes becoming it.) Get rid of loan, transfer or lease and others

(3) Use it in a method avoiding technical protection means such as copyguard established for this software

(4) I perform reverse-engineering of some or all of this software, decompilation or reverse assembling or extract a source code by other methods

(5) Show this software so that a third party reproduces it

(6) Act to set it of 前各号, and to judge that we are inappropriate in light of a use purpose of this software

Article 16 (I set a limit to the use)

When I set it of next 各号, some or all of the use of this software by the user may be limited.

(1) When, in certification functions such as the license certification for the purpose of the confirmation such as use qualifications, the user ID, I cannot confirm use qualifications.

(2) When I use this software in the place that cannot connect with Internet

(3) When I use this software in the real-time communication situation that cannot communicate

2 we do not assume an obligation to provide support about this software, the revision (they include an update version.). In addition, I may finish a correction of this software, a change, update or the offer without notifying a user beforehand.

Chapter 7 general clause

Article 17 (guarantee)

We perform a rational maximum effort so that this service functions in recommended environment. But user info is accurate, and we are not things guaranteeing to have legitimacy, usefulness, integrity. The user shall use it about user info after having performed a change, a correction in own judgment and responsibility as needed.

Article 18 (intellectual property rights)

All intellectual property rights such as the copyright about this service, author's personal rights, patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark and publicity right belong to the third party as the rightful claimant who our and is fair, and the establishment of this use contract is not a thing meaning the use consent of the intellectual property rights more than the ranges that are necessary for the use of this service.

The MAP function of this service uses the MAP application that Apple provides.

About this service, it has been applied for a patent, and "CALINT" is the registered trademark which the third party has.

Article 19 (compensation for damages and immunity from responsibility)

When intention or a gross error is recognized about the damage that occurred in the user about this service by us, we shall compensate it for the damage as the upper limit with a sum equivalent to 1 downloading of the charge that I received about the direct service that caused it of the damage concerned from the user concerned and do not take responsibility for all about the damage except it.

By violating this agreement or when they damage us about the use of this service, 2 users must compensate us for the damage that occurred for us.

Article 20 (trust)

We shall be able to entrust a third party with some or all of the duties about this service ("a subcontractor" means the third party of that case concerned as follows.) .

Article 21 (information management)

We do not disclose it to a third party about user info without obtaining consent before the thing of the user. But, in the case of next 各号, it is not this limit.

(1) When, in response to the request from laws and ordinances or the public institution, I accept need depending on a request

(2) When it is difficult it is necessary for protection of human life, a body or the property and to obtain the user's consent

(3) When I deposit information of registered user using this service in a payment system company, a credit company, the bank for the purpose of demanding charge from a paid user

(4) When I disclose information for this service offer or function improvement or improvement in a necessary trustee or an agent

(5) When I use it jointly to offer the service that cooperated between us and our subsidiaries

Regardless of 2 foregoing paragraphs, we perform attribute count, analysis of the user info and I processed it that a user distinguishes it and cannot identify it and make (called statistics document" as follows.) and may use it for this service and service of our others. In addition, I may disclose statistics document to a third party.

Of the maximum which is rational for the danger such as loss of the user info, destruction, 改鼠, the leak in 3 us take safety measures.

For telephone reception quality improvement, I record the telephone reception between the user, and 4 we shall be able to use recording contents in duties.

Article 22 (personal information)

Our privacy policy assumes it just what to fix it for a privacy policy.

The personal information of a user and the user shall be available to 2 us within the use purpose of privacy policy mention after one of this use contract.

Article 23 (transfer of claims and obligations is prohibited in it)

I perform a transfer (I include the inclusion succession by a merger, the spin-off.) of the claims and obligations based on this use contract to a third party or the user shall not have to offer it for the purpose of the security without getting our prior written consent.

Article 24 (governing law, competent court)

This agreement and this use contract are interpreted by Japanese law and do the Japan method with a governing law.

When a dispute occurs about two use contracts between user and us, I assume Musashino district court an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

Privacy Policy

Look at a URL about our privacy policy as follows.

Additional clause

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April 17, 2019 establishment, the enforcement